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Friday, November 04, 2011

Do you need helping finalizing your product?

Do you have an idea for a product that will be a "NEW" "EXCITING" INNOVATIVE" addition to the consumer product landscape and you are stuck in neutral then you need to find an product development partner that can lead you through the process and get your product ready to be produced and then hopefully sold.
The process and the costs that go with it must be laid out for you by the people you are hiring.
Insure that you have worked out what is expected of you and them before you sgn on the dotted line.
The issues that will come up and if not resolved up front will lead to more multiple iterations of the product, this will happen anyway, than you expected and everyone of these will cost you money and time.
So talk through the design with the company and "your friends and family" as much as possible and insure that at all times the company you are working with are developing a product that can be produced and produced economically.
I recently met with someone who has gone throught the process but at the end of the process had a product that was not consumer friendly or produceable economically.
If you realize you don't know about what it takes find someone who does before you engage a product designer.


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