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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Are you sure they will come

One of the major mistakes that an extrepreneur and company can make is to over price a product or price a product against the wrong competition. The selling price to consumers should be based upon research of the marketplace you want to sell into. If you do your research at Neimann-Marcus for expample then don't go to Walmart to sell your product at the price points found. This point can best be seen from the experience I had with a company that had an organization product that was priced compared against the high end of the marketplace and then began selling into the mass market arena. Obviously the high end or specialty retailer's price points and volume vary greatly from the mass merchants and the end result was what you would have thought-little acceptance by buyers and less acceptance by the consuming public. Therefore, if you want to have a chance at success you must research the marketplace that you will sell into and be competitive with the products that are already there and your uniqueness will then have a chance to succeed. If you would like help in getting products to market properly contact us at or call us at 267-664-5165. Our website will be up shortly.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sourcing Issues

Once you have your product and you are ready to have it produced, be careful. Being careful not only where you source the product BUT mpore important who you source the product with. The finding of a source must include a number of parameters. First they must meet your cost criteria. Second they must meet your quality criteria. Third they must have the ability to meet and exceed your production expectations. Fourth they must be reliable and easy to work with. Fifthe they must be able to meet your delivery dates. If you find vendors who can meet these criteria then use them BUT before you choose insure you have quotes from a number of sources and you have visited the finalist in all cases. Making a decision on a source strictly from verbal or written communication could be a grave msitake. This is true regardless of the location of the vendor. The location be it in your country or overseas is not to be selected without a visit. If you are dealing in a foreign country you should also have a contact outside the company and an agent who could watch out for your well being when you are not there. If there are any concerns on your part I would suggest that you are present when production begons on your product and visit for a number of days thereafter to isnure that the quality you saw was not just a show piece for your inital reaction. If the product is being run on more than one shift I would recommend you visit all the shifts to insure consistancy. You do not want to hear, "oh, that happened on the third shift." Follow these simple rules and your product will look and act like you wanted it too, do not and you get what you deserve-trouble and problems that could ruin your business. Remember it is not only about the lowest price, it is about the best total cost.