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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Have an idea of where you are headed

I was invited to participate as a judge at a local university's entrepreneurial idea contest and what was generally missing from most of the entries was the research to understand the size and scope of the potential marketplace as well as the research to see if the idea or product was already there and if the idea or project was technically feasible or viable. Therefore when you have a product idea DO THE RESEARCH, the amount of available information at your finger tips is enormous and use it. Use search engines, wikipedia, and similar computer based data. You should also use reference information available at you local library where both hard copies as well as computer based information is available and most times with someone who can help you narrow and define your search for information. Once you pass this stage and no matter what the proiduct is do some leg work in the potential marketplace either with retail visits to sthe appropriate stores or calls and other contacts to industrial or business customers. I cannot apeak to internet based ideas and website based business concepts but I am sure if your idea is out there you will find it and if unique enough someone will help you make it happen. If you need help in bringing your ideas to market and would like to discuss them contact me at BHR GLOBAL ASSOCIATES email: or at 267-664-5165. The introductory session is always free.