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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are you a one-hit wonder inventor

If you are the developer of a ONE ITEM CONSUMER PRODUCT LINE you have more of an uphill battle to get your product sold than someone with a whole product line.
There are avenues you can use to become successful and make money with your product.
First there are the TV shopping networks where they are always looking for items especially those that solve household problems creatively.
Second there is the process of getting your product licensed to a company already selling your target customers. You can find these companies at trade shows as well as "shopping" major retail stores.
Third there is the infomercial channel where you need to find a company that does NOT charge you for the infomercial but does it themselves and will then pay you a royalty and potentially take it to retail stores.
In the second and third scenarios I would suggest you have an attorney set you up with the proper protection including a reasonable NDA and starting the Patent process. Alnost all companies that will License your product will demand that you have a Patent to protect themselves from themselves because the tendency is to steal the idea and worry about the legal issues later.
In all cases make sure you do you due diligence and research concerning your product and the people you want to work with.

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